About us

Gasason was founded in 2015 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong's international trade very mature, and reliable.Based on the good local advantage, cash flow and financing are very convenient;And, because of the adjacent to the mainland, has unique communication equipment resources.Company's mainly engaged in the business are: the global voip voice traffic wholesale;Voip voice equipment agent;Voip softswitch system agents.

Voip communication theory:

Company Culture:
Keep all our minds on Gratefull and struggle and share on bulding business. The company's name "GASASON" comes from the abbreviation of the company culture.
Grateful: to family, to freinds, to colleague, we need aways keep Gratefull.
Struggle: grounded, mature,self-reliance, always keep Struggle
Share on: care for people, not arrogant, share your  happiness and success

Why Gasason
1, Gasason located in Hong Kong, reputation is guaranteed, trustworthy
2, Gasason expand widely, the traffic is guaranteed
3, payment in time, most of the time, we can guarantee the payment paid in one day
4, billing system is stable, won't appear dispute
5, Gasason employees through rigorous training, communication efficient and professional.Save your time and improve work efficiency
6, to provide quality after-sales service, technical staff on duty 24 hours, make sure to reply given in 10 minutes


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Address:Rooms 1318-19,13/F,Hollywood Plaza,610 NathanRoad,Mongkok,Kowloon,HongKong